Putting Ourselves At Risk

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In the following discussion, I am posing the following questions. Have we placed ourselves at risk by participating in survival/prepping forums, YouTube channels, and speaking out against the events going on around us via websites we maintain or visit? What possible risks could befall us? What drives us to expose ourselves by participating in these electronic forums, social media, and communication channels? And finally, what is the alternative means for sharing and learning in the prepper community? Read more…

A rundown of Fast and Furious?

Evidence that this was setup to fail from the beginning:

“…the ATF can be its own worst enemy. Voth arrived in Phoenix in December 2009 only to discover that his group had not been funded. The group had little equipment and no long guns, electronic devices, or binoculars, forcing Voth to scrounge for supplies. Then there was Voth’s seven-agent team, which was almost instantly at war with itself. Most of the agents were transplants, unfamiliar with Arizona or one another.Read more…

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