Prerequisites To Get A Federal Firearms License

A federal firearms license is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Whether you intend to own a firearm, wish to manufacture firearms, ammunition or explosives or simply want to collect a few relics or unique firearms, everyone would require a federal firearms license to be able to do so, legally. Laws vary between states and the exact statutes and requisites would depend on the state laws. However, there are some general prerequisites that are applicable if you were to apply for a federal firearms license in the United States. Read more…

Rich & Renee Test Out Big Guns on American Guns TV

American Guns

American Guns

This is a new gun show I have been watching lately, have you seen it yet?
Read more…

Here Is How to Get a Federal Firearm License At

Here Is How to Get a Federal Firearm License At Home

Are you interested in finding out about getting your Federal Firearm License, but becoming overwhelmed by all of the seemingly contradictory information youve been hearing? If youre a gun enthusiast looking to save more money buying firearms or make money selling them, then theres no substitute for
getting your Federal Firearm License (FFL). Read more…

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