Rich & Renee Test Out Big Guns on American Guns TV

American Guns

American Guns

This is a new gun show I have been watching lately, have you seen it yet?

Colorado– ( – This week on AMERICAN GUNS, Rich Wyatt wishes to prepare himself and his wife Renee for a future getaway to Alaska by checking out firearms that could assist them should they experience harmful animals.

Renee worries the firearms will be too effective for her, however Rich is confident she can take care of the tools.

“It was an actually enabling experience to shoot the BFR for the very first time and have no difficulty with it at all,” stated Renee Wyatt.

“Being well trained and prepared as a way of life has actually made me a rather confident individual in general, however I have to accept, seeing that massive pistol was intimidating. I was pretty sure I might fire it successfully, and shoot pretty well actually, however I did have this irritating feeling in that back of my mind that stated, ‘What are you thinking Renee … that weapon was most definitely developed for a man.’ Well, possibly, not so much anymore!”

One more week delivers another difficulty for the Gunsmoke staff members, and Civil War fanatic Jeff presents them with a big one. Jeff is looking to purchase a functional double-barreled Civil War canon. Rich jobs his staff members with addressing the 150-year-old problem and producing the globe’s very first safe and practical double-barreled canon.

Jesse and Ann Csincsak– married previous hopefuls of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, respectively– come in looking to purchase a pair of revolvers to keep themselves and their growing household safe. Jesse is excited for the acquisition, but Ann isn’t really sure she’s comfy with weapons. As a concession, Ann and Jesse register in a Gunsmoke safety and shooting class to help them much better comprehend firearm basics. Rich and Renee additionally promise to customize the Csincsaks’ matching Smith & Wesson.38 handguns so they’re beginner-friendly.

Constantly wanting to cultivate healthy and balanced competitors amongst his staff members, Rich asks 2 gunsmiths to each customize one of the Csincsaks’ weapons. Whoever crafts the exceptional weapon, to be figured out by the whole entire Wyatt clan, will win a much-desired prize– the Mossberg 930 semiautomatic shotgun.

Tune in for an all-new episode of AMERICAN WEAPONS this Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET/PT.


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